2021 Photographers Portfolio Project

How To Participate

To participate, you just need to know how to connect on Zoom and have a will and desire to improve.

Time Investment

This is a 9-12 month project! It requires a commitment to work on your photography every month and attend monthly (2 hour) small group sessions for project evaluation.

The project will begin in Spring 2021 and conclude in late 2021 or early (1Q) 2022.  It varies based on participants progress.


  • Kickoff meeting will be held in March 2021.
  • Projects/Artist Statements will be reviewed at that meeting
  • Shooting should commence by late March. The design of the project is to continue shooting through the project, not pull from previous images.


The creator of the program Mike Jensen will facilitate and mentor any photographers who would like help working through the project.

The End Result

The end result of the portfolio project is multi-dimentional.

First, after spending 8-9 months on the project you will have a new appreciation for how hard you work on your photography. You will also have a new understanding of what you find acceptable in your portfolio and how you go about shooting a particular subject in the future.

The big “ah ha” moment is the realization that you can REALLY plan your photography. You can shoot with a purpose!