• What's The Portfolio Project

    The Portfolio Project is the teaching tool of Purposeful Photography.

  • A 9 Month Deep Dive

    You are guaranteed to come out of this project with a better understanding of how to plan and execute your photo sessions and how to evaluate the end project as a body of work.

  • Best of all, It's FREE!

    In his renewed effort to give back and help the photographers of the world (and especially Kansas City), Mike is leading this himself at no charge!

New Portfolio Project Announced for Spring 2021!

Purposeful Photography

Improving your photography through the Purposeful Photography Portfolio Project

What Is Purposeful Photography

Purposeful Photography is defined as easy as shooting with a purpose.  A purposeful photograph starts with realizing that you are not realizing your full potential as a photographer.  So, how do you move from just shooting pictures (usually alot) to shooting with a PURPOSE?

The Artists Statement

Artists Statements are usually reserved for artists (even photographers) who are asked to exhibit in galleries or enter a specialized competition.  The Purposeful Photography Portfolio Project begins with both choosing a project and then writing an artists statement (don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the entire process).

Choosing A Portfolio Project

Basically the idea here is to choose a specific project.  This is a project you’ll commit to working on for about 10 months.  You can choose something that really intrigues you, or something totally off the wall.  We’ll help you drill down to a perfect project for you.  Usually you end up with more than one!

Refining Your Portfolio (Improving Your Photography)

Here’s where the hardest work is.  You will be fitted with a handful of other photographers.  You’ll meet about once a month for several hours (2-3).  Each photographer will display their current portfolio and talk about their artists statement.  But wait, there’s more….

Portfolio Projects – A Great Way To Learn

Photo Options From A Shoot
Narrow Them
Down To A Dozen

Write An Artist Statement

Shoot With A Purpose

After decades of “taking pictures”, I started “shooting with a purpose” in a matter of weeks. The portfolio project concept made me a better photographer!Mike Jensen